How do I manage my list subscription?
See the Administrative commands section below for instructions.

Do you have a Facebook page?
Yes, the public Page is

Do you have a private Facebook Group?
Yes we do! If you would like access to the secret group, send a message from the FlaggersPDX public page and an admin can add you to the group.  The secret group is used for all updates/information. *Note - you may receive a friend request from an Admin in order for you to be added to the secret group.

I am over 40, can I attend?
Of course!  FlaggersPDX is open to all men.  Our focus on
younger men and men new to leather/kink/bdsm doesn't exclude
older or more experienced guys we just want everyone to come
with the intention of the group in mind.  Just because a guy is
young or inexperienced doesn't mean they should be made to
feel inferior.  Any guy willing to be supportive and help grow
our community is welcome.

I am not sure if I want to participate, can I just watch?
Yup,  sure can!  We structure our meetings so that conversations
are interactive but no one is forced to do anything they are
uncomfortable with.  We do open every meeting by going around
and saying our names, our ages, and our years (or days) of
experience in the kink/bdsm/leather community but even that
you could choose to pass.  At play parties or hands-on
workshops everyone is encouraged to participate but again
no one is forced. There is a lot that can be learned from just
listening and watching.

Is there a cost to attend events?
There are costs to putting on FlaggersPDX for sure but we don't
want those to create barriers for guys to participate.  We ask for
a $10.00 donation for dungeon parties and any meetings held
in the dungeon to help us cover space costs.  Again, no one
turned away for inability to pay.  Pay less, pay more, or trade
a volunteer shift for attending.  What is most important to us
is that you come and get the experience you need to be
comfortable having a safe, kinky time.

How can I learn about upcoming events and stay in the loop?
A simple email to
will add you to our email list and keep you in the know on
all our upcoming events, workshops, and play parties.

Administrative Commands for the FlaggersPDX mail list

To subscribe to the list, send a message to: *Note, you will receive an email from me that requires confirmation in order to have your address added to the list.

To unsubscribe from the list, just send a message to:

For addition or removal of addresses, the list manager will send a confirmation message to that address.